This is the place I come from. It is a little peninsula on the Southern coast of Tuscany. Spaniards were there for a few centuries. I grew up in Grosseto.  A small town, plain and quite. I have always around in Tuscany: between Siena and Florence. But I spent some times in Maintz, Heildeberg, New York and Oxford.

Now I am a Professor of Political Science at the  University of Siena.  The same University where I studied during the Eighties of the XX century and where I came back in 2001, after serving as assistant professor at the University of Bologna.  In 2009 I have been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. I also served as a member of the Administration Board of USiena.
My research is based athe the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Studies, and within a smaller community of social scientists: the CIRCaP (Centrer for the Study of Political Change)